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This issue concentrates on the importance of trees in cities. At a time when, under the name of misguided urbanisation and so-called progress, thousands of trees are being cut around the world, this issue of My Liveable City discusses the importance of trees for our cities and their environment. There are articles on how trees and landscape are being used in hospitals to improve patients' health, how trees can be used as a renewable resource for construction and one that highlights the religious significance of trees in certain societies. A provocative article discusses how the extensive use of plastic in Vietnam is threatening the original forest cover, while another explains the Australian government's policy that will significantly help increase tree cover in the country in the coming years. Plus, there are articles on the greening of Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh, the importance of Mangroves for Mumbai and the urban jungle of Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro. A must-read for all tree-lovers and for all those involved in the process of urbanisation.

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